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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Creeks Coalition and the Friends of Coyote Creek Watershed consists of Korey Richardson, Larry Johmann, and Richard McMurtry.

The organization is a 501(c)(3) Public Benefit Corporation.



The Mission of the Friends of the Coyote Creek Watershed is to create clean and aesthetically beautiful conditions for citizen enjoyment of the Creek and to create healthy environmental conditions for the fish, plants and other wildlife that make their home in or along the creek.

Our sphere of interest extends along the creek from San Francisco Bay to the foot of Anderson Dam.



The FoCCW grew out of the work of Friends of Coyote Creek who organized cleanup activities in the reaches of Coyote Creek near Naglee Park.  FoCC sponsored frequent and well attended cleanups that include trash removal by canoe!

Representatives of Friends of Coyote Creek Board joined the Creeks Coalition Board in 2012.The FoCCW was officially organized as a project of the Creeks Coalition in August 2013.   


Proposed Activities

The organization’s initial activities will focus on creek and creekside trail trash cleanups.   These efforts will seek to create Friends groups for each reach of Coyote Creek from the Bay to Anderson Dam, building on the ground work laid by the few reaches that have been adopted.  We will seek to have these events every quarter so that the creek is cleaned up and kept clean.

There will be post-cleanup luncheons that build a personal connection between volunteers within each reach and between reaches.

In addition to the focus on the cleanliness of the creek, we will also focus on improving the health of the steelhead trout population that is an indicator of the overall health of the creek as an ecosystem.    The main focus of this effort will be the removal of the barriers that prevent steelhead migration to their high quality spawning and rearing grounds in the upper watershed.

We intend to also have an annual conference focusing on celebrating the results of our cleanup and advocacy efforts, the status of the health of the creek, and the advocacy needed if the creek is be restored to health.



Richard McMurtry is a retired Water Resources Control Engineer.  During the five years prior to his retirement in 2005, he was stationed at the offices of the Santa Clara Valley Water District where he fell  in love with the dream of restoring the streams of Santa Clara  County to be “living streams”.


Larry Johmann has been active in stream and fishery restoration for over 20 years.  He is President of the Western Waters Canoe Club and loves to paddle!   He is committed to restoring the steelhead fishery on Santa Clara County Streams. 

Board Members Right



 Korey Richardson lives in the Olinder neighborhood near the Coyote Creek.

 He wants to be part of the restoration of the creek after years of neglect.

He is also a member of two local kayaking clubs and loves to get out onto the water. Korey works for the City of San Jose in the Housing Department as a Development Officer and he looks forward to the day when Coyote Creek will be teaming with fish and natural beauty.



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